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Мы прыгаем в жидкость, но прыгаем "вгас!"

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You dropped in on site of  Saint-Petersburg Diving Federation. Better late than never.
News and announcements

13.04.10 -There began to function the site of Diving Federation of Russia. We strongly recommend to all diving cognisants to put it on their "Favourite" panel.

02.04.10 - We congratulate our junior diving team that exhibited terrific results at Pan-Russian junior championship among C and D age groups (10 - 13 years old). Our sportsmen won first team placing in neck to neck struggle among 17 teams. This is incredible! This is Fantstic!. Glory on our sportsmen and coaches. Saint-Petersburg has not yet seen such triumph. Neither had Leningrad. The detailed results of the events are here

16.03.10 - From 22.03.10 to 28.03.10 In Penza there will be held pan Russian juniors championship among age groups C and В г. The List of our team is available

15.03.10 - Fifth Channel of Saint-Petersburg television showed the plot "The pool on Lytovskaya is reserved for Olympians" This plot deals with the struggle for saving the last diving base in Saint-Petersburg.  . This material can be viewed

26.02.10 - There came to end the Saint-Petersburg junior diving champ in C and D age groups. The results
are here

16.02.10 - Congratulation to our sportsmen Tatyana Kurach, Maxim Lebedev, Denis Munin and Maria Kuteynikova that successfully took part at competitions for  V. Abysov Cup held in Voronezh in period from 08.02.10 to 12.02.10. The results

15.02.10 - In Internet
there was published the video presentation of  Saint-Petersburg Diving Federation. All who concerns can view this material here

10.02.10 -
There was published the revised regulations list for Russian junior championship in C and В groups. This information is available in "Useful information column".

10.02.10 -
Fifth Channel of Saint-Petersburg television showed the report "Dived into a soup" about deplorable state of Olympic Diving Sports in our City. This report can be reached

09.02.10 - In the newspaper "Rossiyskaya Gazeta the was printed the article about the abandoning the Red Army diving sport school in Saint-Petersburg. Read the article


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